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Large Scale Installations

  • Kim Grønborg, multi artist
    Kim Grønborg (1959) has a graphical education, is a musician and co-founder of the nonprofit exhibition space, Spain 19C in Aarhus. His large scale installations have been exposed in connection with numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums.     Grønborg works with installation, video, photography and computer manipulated print. The works has its starting point in the spatial dimension.     The prints revolve between the figurative and the abstract, where architectural fragments and constructions compound with expressive and overlapping patterns.     It is a dynamic chaos that breaks and changes buildings and things from the real world and by sampling the recognizable with non-figurative forms, a new poetical meaning is created.          

DP-Textile | VAT number: 29303940 | Møgelgårdsvej 22,, 8520 Lystrup - Denmark | Phone: +45 3070 1661