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  • New partnership to strengthen Modulex’ Brand On Concept
    The new partnership is expected to create a valuable win-win situation for the two companies. “DP-Textile holds unique design and printing knowledge that can benefit our customers – especially in relation to Brand-On projects. On top of that, they will help us elevate our color management expertise even further – to the benefit of customers requiring the strictest color consistency. And on the other hand, we provide DP-Textile access to a large and well-established global dealer network”, Søren Bendt adds.The two companies have comparable interest to develop Brand On concept and products. And both companies have designed their products and services to their clients based on high quality and fast delivery. DP-Textile’s business is based on a flexible mindset matching the mindset of Modulex perfectly.   DP-Textile is offering textile solutions wrapped into elegant designs and finish, upcoming projects include City Brand Aarhus and Aarhus 2017 Cultural Capital development in public places. DP-Textile expects to develop faster than originally planned particularly on sales. “Our sales channels will be extended and Modulex will be able to offer their customers more Branded products via us. We hope to become an important partner to Modulex”, says Gitte Bendixen, DP-Textile Manager.DP-Textile has moved into rented facilities with Modulex in Billund. “They make use of our production facilities and we jointly take advantage

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