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Line Kramhoft, textile designer

"I am concerned with structures, patterns and finishes - and to bring these into the material so that the surface is transformed and influenced the vibrant and sensual expression.

Often inspired I of organic patterns and textures which open in nature, the body's inner and outer surfaces . Want to my work makes the viewer to explore and awakens the desire to touch and sense.”
Wall Art by Line Kramhoft

Technique: Lamination and shrinkage of the fabric / photographic textile printing

National Workshops for Arts and Crafts, Old Dock Warehouse 2005/2006.

Wall Art, title Skin
Skin is located between the inner and the outer.
Skin is the world we meet with. 
Wall Art, Skin
Skin is what we breathe through time and transience.
Skin affects and protects.
Skin is sensuous, strong and vulnerable.
Wall Art by Line Kramhoft
My intention is to make the fabric living, to get it to breathe and tell a story.

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